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Ziran Qigong

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What is Qi Gong?

Ziran Qigong
Qi Gong (Chi Kung) is the Chinese discipline devoted to development of understanding, awareness and the harmonizing of one’s mind, body, qi (chi) and spirit. Qi Gong has been used extensively in China as part of traditional Chinese medicine, and is an intrinsic part of Chinese Martial Arts. Throughout the world Qi Gong is now recognized as a form of complementary and alternative medicine, with positive effects on diverse ailments. Qi Gong practice involves rhythmic breathing, coordinated with slow stylized repetition of fluid movement, and a calm mindful state. From a philosophical perspective Qi Gong is believed to help develop human potential, allow access to higher realms of awareness, and awaken one’s true nature. People practice Qi Gong for many different reasons, including for exercise and recreation, prevention and self-healing, meditation and self-cultivation, and training for martial arts. As a healing art, Qi Gong practitioners focus on prevention and self-healing, traditionally viewed as balancing the body’s energy meridians and enhancing the intrinsic capacity of the body to heal.

Ziran Qi Gong

Ziran Qi Gong is a progressive set of exercises that retains all the original concepts and benefits associated with traditional Qi Gong, while using terms and expressions and following a progression of practice that present-day people can associate with and understand. Ziran Qi Gong training concentrates and works to develop the link between mind and body. Through Movement of Qi Gong and Taoist Tranquillity Meditation, Ziran Qi Gong aims to create emptiness and stillness, allows one to drop life’s baggage, cleaning out the unnecessary emotional attachments. This can develop the inner peace and strength to help deal with day to day stress and heal mental and physical sickness.

Master Liu Deming

Master Liu Deming is one of the most gifted living Masters, whose work and creations continue to touch thousands of people around the world. Master Liu Deming, 5th Generation Inheritor of the Liu He Zi Ran Men Lineage, and creator of the Ziran Qigong System. Along the way, Master Liu realized he could use the traditional method he had inherited to create new Qigong Forms that would benefit those who were not interested in martial arts, but who nevertheless, wanted to improve their health, gain deeper understanding of their body, develop awareness, and expand their consciousness. Just as artist use their life experience, and emotions to express themselves during difficult times, and share them later with others, Master Liu has also made use of them by developing new Qigong Forms that could benefit others as well: “I feel like I need to do something... I can’t let these emotions, and stress take hold of me, and grab me down to the ground. Therefore, I play with different movements. Because I have great experience with martial arts, with movements, and with my body, I put my mind and spirit into it, creating different Forms.”

Pieter Gilles practicing Ziran Qigong

Exercises / Oefeningen

Level 1 - Level 2 - Wu Xing - Qian Ba Zuan - Shaolin Ba Shi - Dragon & Phoenix - Chi Gathering Method - Ziran Zitong Gong (Medical Qigong)

Ziran Qigong also consists of Preparation exercises, Nei Gong, Meditation, Breathing exercises and Stretching. Daoism Philosophy is also part of the Ziran Method. This makes Ziran Qigong a complete method to enhance your health.

Ziran Qigong Level 1 - Shu Jin Qing Jing Gong - Tendon & Meridian Cleansing Method (Convert your Essence into Qi)

This type of form in traditional Chinese is known as "An Qiao" (massage and stretching). During this stage the practitioner will undertake exercises involving gentle movement of stretch and cleanse the body’s tendons and energy meridians, stimulating the circulation of the Qi and blood and causing the muscles and joints to relax. The goal of stage one is to obtain a state of meditative relaxation through movement and to move in such a manner that their entire body feels as if it is “interconnected”. As the practitioner becomes more efficient at relaxed interconnected movement, they enter the meditative emotional state required for such movement. They most likely also feel subtle physiological sensations, such as increased blood flow to the palms or feet, or a tingling sensation along meridians. This is known as “floating” the Qi. When the practitioner reaches this stage they will also notice that certain parts of their body will feel “blocked” at certain points and that the Qi can not move freely there. It is through this practice that the Qigong practitioner can then identify areas of “carried” emotional stress, and therefore will have achieved recognition. As training progresses, the practitioner will learn to release this physical and emotional tension as well as to unblock Qi blockages within the body and let Qi flow.

1 – Gathering qi and washing the organs
2 – Opening the three dan tian meridians
3 – Bird stretching and bear’s neck
4 – Feeding the baby bird
5 – Upper & middle jiao cleansing method
6 – Yin Yang wheel – lower jiao cleansing method
7 – Three jiao cleansing method
8 – Swimming dragon palm, Belt meridian strength method
9 – Qi gathering method
10 – Spine cleansing method
11 – Mind clearing method
12 – Cleansing the mind & body method

Ziran Qigong Level 2 - Yang Jin Xi Sui Gong - Joint Nourishing & Bone Marrow Washing Method (Convert your Essence into Qi)

This type of form is also known as "Dao Ying” (stretching the guiding). According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, if our body’s Qi and Blood are not accordant with its own nature harmony and balance, this will cause our body's Qi to stagnate, thus opening the body to illness. We should smooth out and harmonize our wu zhi (five emotions) daily, to allow our body’s Qi and Blood to circulate smoothly in order to prevent illness and keep a healthy life. “Dao Ying” works more intensely to cleanse and stretch the tendons and muscles. Through its movements of intensive expansion and relaxing, it is able to stimulate Qi in the meridians more efficiently. Improved Qi and Blood flow serve to nourish the organs and bone marrow, with the tendons becoming softer and more supple. Experience finds that this form is great for improving our systems abilities to change. Training our nervous system enables one to improve concentration and clean up unnecessary distracting thought, thus bringing the body into great harmony. As training progresses, the practitioner will find this form is great for freeing the joints, helping to prevent and overcome symptoms of arthritis. Practitioners will also experience greater internal ‘space’ and flexibility. Once the mind and body are reconnected and start to re-communicate, there is an awaking and the healing process may begin.

1 – Ascending & descending method
2 – Bird spreads its wings
3 – Lohan tightens his golden body
4 – Presenting the pole
5 – Lohan holds the sky
6 – Three sections drop to the floor
7 – Red pheasant presents his claws
8 – Warrior strengthens the lungs
9 – Parting the sky
10 – Bone marrow strengthening
11 – Throw the rings out
12 – Separating the horses
13 – Tiger sits, Dragon’s breath
14 – Smooth sailing the boat
15 – Praying for the Buddha
16 – Listen to the sound of the drums
17 – Bat hangs from the tree
18 – Phoenix spreads a single wing
19 – Swinging like a windmill

Wu Xing Qigong - Five Element Qigong (Convert your Qi into Spirit)

This type of form is known as "Tu Na" (breath method), which also means to focus in expelling the stale energy while rejuvenating the fresh energy. Taoists believe that there are five basic energies or elements which make up the universe. These are Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth. These five elements are also found within the human body and relate to specific organs. Through regular practice of the movements with your mind focused on the breath and meridian points, Five Element Qigong works to balance and purify these five Organs and six "Fu". By building up with a great Qi flow, one strengthens their "Yuan Qi", which further prevents the buildup of negative Qi and disease. During practice, the practitioner’s mind should be in state of meditation. When your "Yi" (your "will") concentrates in different meridians, this will help you to clean up the emotions which affect your organs and "Fu’s" functions, such as grief, fear, anger, anxiety and worry. By detoxing and keeping your five elements in great balance, you will greatly enhance your health and vitality.

1 - Ascending & descending method
2 - Opening & closing method
3 - Lung cleansing (metal element)
4 - Kidney strenghtening (water element)
5 - Liver harmonizing (wood element)
6 - Heart nourishment (fire element)
7 - Spleen cultivation (earth element)
8 - Distribution method
9 - Encircling method

Tao Jian Qian Ba Zuan (Taoist 1008 Drills Qigong)

Taoists believe that man is a microcosm of the universe. The body ties directly into the five elements. The five organs correlate with the five elements, the five directions and the seasons. There is no end or beginning of life, all things are in transformation, in the great circle. The movement of our body’s Qi is arising, descending, releasing and absorbing. Basic on this conception Qian Ba Zuan is to stretch the tendons and open all of the meridians to stimulate and harmonise the flow of Blood and Qi in all directions. This transfers one’s body into a moving sphere not only just in a physical way, but also in Qi and Shen. This is then "enlightening the body". Students will practise floating the Qi in all directions whilst maintaining a centered and strong foundation.

1 - Liang Shou Tuo Ri Yue (hold moon and sun with both hands)
2 - Zuo Qian You Qian Qu (left and right bends)
3 - Qian Zhu Que (front of red pheasant for heart - element of fire)
4 - Zuo Qing Long (left of green dragon for liver - element of wood)
5 - You Bai Hu (right of white tiger for lung - element of metal)
6 - Hou Xuan Wu (back of black turtle for kidney - element of water)
7 - Zhuan Gu Lu (centre of turn the wheels for spleen - element of earth)
8 - Long Hu Xiang Jiao (merge of dragon and tiger)

Shaolin Ba Shi

Shaolin eight-movement qigong was according to legend formed and passed down by the founder of Chan (Zen) Buddhism Bodhidharma. Through its eight different powerful movements Shaolin Ba Shi strengthens the internal organs, external muscles, tendons and bones, harmonizing yin and yang. This is called: nourishing the internal to strength the external, and harmonizing both (yin and yang) in one.
This enhances great internal power as your training is progressing. Shaolin Ba Shi can improve the functions of the cardiovascular, respiratory and digestive systems, improve the mood, and lessen anxiety and depression.
When the Jing (essence) and Qi are strengthened and full, the foundation for Shen (the spirit) to convert is formed. Resulting in thinking clearly, full of vigor, glowing with health and radiating vitality, expression of martial power. Our inner consciousness and intuition are awaken.

1 - Kuo Xion Shi (chest expending method - metal element, lung strengthening qi method)
2 - Tiao Qi Shi (qi regulating method - water element, kidney regulating qi method)
3 - Da Chui Shi (hammer fist method - wood element, liver strengthening qi method)
4 - Hua Chuan Shi (paddle a boat method - fire element, heart strengthening qi method)
5 - Cheng Qi Shi (qi lifts method - earth element, spleen cultivating qi method)
6 - Wang Yue Shi (observing moon method - regulating pericardium qi method)
7 - Han Tian Shi (shake heaven method - regulating conception vessel qi (yin qi) method)
8 - Tian Hai Shi (fill in ocean method - regulating governing vessel qi (yang qi) method)

Dragon and Phoenix Qigong / Qigong for anxiety and stress release

It is through this practice that the Qigong practitioner can learn to identify areas in the body of emotional stress and anxiety. With qigong movements in conjunction with breathing methods it is possible to open ones pathways and learn to release physical and emotional tension. Learn to release blockages within the body and let your Qi flow helping to make a greater connection of mind, body and spirit.

1 - Dragon breath method
2 - Dragon expelling the fire
3 - Phoenix rising
4 - Buddha's palm
5 - Grain contains the world
6 - Awaken the phoenix / opening Shan Zhong method
7 - Phoenix soars in the sky
8 - Hold the moonlight under the water
9 - Dragon flying

Chi Gathering Method

Cai Qi Gong is the perfect method for gathering fresh Qi from Heaven and Earth in a very dynamic way. This practise works on the spine and balance of the practitioner. It releases blockages in the spine, schoulders, arms, upper back and neck. The breathing method which is used in this meditative form helps to open these areas and releases tension in the body and the mind. This form consists of moving the arms in 4 directions and 3 different hights in connection with the upper, middle and lower dan tian. Your Qi flow and strength wil increase throughout the whole body due to the movements of the arms and the steps forward and backward in this form.

Ziran Zitong Gong (Ziran Medical Qigong)(no video yet)

Ziran Medical Qigong adopts the philosophy of body and spirit development and uses simple and easy movements and meditation to achieve the outcome of Datong (cleansing and opening) of the body’s meridians to allow qi to circulate smoothly harmonizing internal and external qi.

and more to come...

Workshop / DVD / Seminar

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    Ziran Qigong - Taoïst Tranquillity Meditation - "de geest van het stille water".

    Belief without doubt
    Persistent passion and complete commitment
    Awaken the mind and become aware
    Become concise and transcend illusion
    Return to a state of simple truths, compassion and love
    This is Wuji Dalai

    Geloof zonder twijfel
    Aanhoudende passie en volledige inzet
    Laat de geest ontwaken en wordt bewust
    Wordt kernachtig en overstijg illusie
    Keer terug naar een toestand van eenvoudige waarheden, mededogen en liefde
    Dit is Wuji Dalai


    Kaart Innerlijk Klaarheid